Development on the cloud

Production data in development, the easy way

Stolos allows pulling production database data into your team's development environments in a snap. This way all team's development environment data are always up to date with production.

Faster builds for the whole team

All Stolos development environments are hosted on your team’s infrastructure. Save time by utilizing a shared cache for built images.

One back-end service for all front-end developers

Stolos let’s you provide front-end development environments that connect to the same back-end service. Αchieve front-end developers' peace of mind while your company saves resources.

Environments that work for your team

Stolos development environments are fast and disposable. This means that if a database gets corrupted by mistake during development, a new environment can be spawned in a matter of seconds.

Zero hardware requirements

Everything you run on Stolos runs remotely on the cloud. The only requirement to develop with Stolos is the Stolos CLI.

A feather showing that running your stack on the cloud is very lightweight for your pc

Offline readyBonus

Losing your internet connection won’t be a problem with Stolos.

Stolos is 100% Docker Compose compatible. This means that developers can run the whole stack locally with a single command.

Request a demo

Arrange a personal demo with our engineers to find out how Stolos can speed up your team's pace.